Produced for Clarke County Historical Association

Camera & Edit: Nancy Sanders

Interview with Martha Cammack

Martha’s paintings are intimately tied to her connection with horses.  This video plays with a series at a biannual art show. It also makes an excellent web video.

Public Speaking Consultant

Ed Barks helps people who need to speak in a variety of public arenas including congressional hearings. This is one of a series of short videos on his website that gives information and also draws people to his consulting business.

Produced for Barks Communications

Concept, lighting, and direction: George Patterson

Script: Ed Barks

Camera: Nancy Sanders

Edit: Nancy Sanders

Band Video

Bobby Will & the Bordello Bandits

cover Steve Earle’s classic moonshining tune.

 For musicians a high quality video on their website is essential.

Produced for Eric Trueblood

Camera: George Patterson, Tim Farmer,

Nancy Sanders

Edit: Nancy Sanders

Visual Storytelling

A video for a gathering or event works well at roughly 10 minutes in length. These longer videos can also play on your website but may not get the watch-though viewers they do “in person.”

Farmers to the Bay

Farmers from the headwaters of the Chesapeake Bay spend a weekend  with the watermen of Tangier Island.

Produced for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation

by The Downstream Project

Camera: Nancy Sanders, George Patterson

Script and concept: George Patterson, Nancy Sanders, Tom Taylor, Bill Howard, Amy Matthews

Graphics: Tom Taylor

Music: Cam Millar

Edit: Nancy Sanders

The Land Beneath My Feet

Virginia artist Tom Neel walks through the seasons of his beloved countryside and talks about his relationship with the land. This video celebrates his 25th anniversary as a professional painter.

Produced for Live An Artful Life

Camera: Nancy Sanders, Tom Neel

Script: Tom Neel

Edit: Nancy Sanders

4 Women Paint

Live An Artful Life, an art gallery in The Plains, Virginia, hosts a four woman show which begins with a still life painting event.


Produced for Live An Artful Life

Camera & Edit: Nancy Sanders

Web Videos

Videos can enhance your website by showing who you are, visiting a place, or visually demonstrating a concept. Less is often more.

A minute or two in length works well.